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Help drive solutions to Canada's affordable housing crisis by giving generously today.  Think beyond the build; with a stronger future for families and our community. Your generosity will mobilize people and ideas; building strength, stability and self reliance through Habitat for Humanity Heartland's affordable homeownership program, now and for generations to come. 

Housing Matters - everyone needs a safe and affordable place to call home.

Your gift will:

  • transform futures by improving health, happiness, and well-being.
  • strengthen communities by increasing cohesion and economic vitality.
  • foster resiliency and stability that transcend generations.

Join the movement to support affordable housing today!
*March 2023 - We're actively building in Tillsonburg, in partnership with Hayhoe Homes, Oxford County and the Town of Tillsonburg to build a 3 bedroom, energy efficient single family home. To support this build directly add a note to your donation or call us at 519-455-6623.

*March 2023 - We're currently building Onondaga One in partnership with Six Nations of the Grand River and in collaboration with Habitat Hamilton.  To make a direct donation in support of our Indigenous Housing partnerships, choose Indigenous Housing Fund when completing your online gift. 

*November 2022 - Hayhoe Homes committed to inspire others by contributing up to $100,000 in matching gifts to Habitat for Humanity Heartland Ontario to help build more Habitat homes and provide a foundation for individuals and families to build a better life for themselves through Habitat's affordable homeownership program.

*March 2022 - "
I Support Affordable Housing” movement started with a generous gift and brilliant idea from local supporters Anna and Tom McInerney. As the province rolled out licence plate sticker renewal fee refunds, the McInerney’s believed the funds could and should be redirected to something meaningful. They wanted to help frame a future where safe, decent, affordable housing is available and maintainable in our community.

In order to meet the growing local demand Habitat Heartland is taking on more ambitious builds like the Brantwood Park Road project(Brantford 56-unit housing complex) and Heartland on the Thames project (London 20-unit housing complex) both built above energy saving targets, geared to income, and including some fully accessible units.

To learn more about Habitat homeownership, volunteer opportunities, the ReStore, and other ways to give visit 

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