What will YOU build?

With UPSTART, we invite you to support a lifetime of stability and sustainability with an eco conscious home built to Passive House standards.

Over the past 20 years, thanks to the generosity of people like you, more families in Brantford, Norfolk County, and the County of Brant became Habitat homeowners.  We've seen first hand how a single opportunity for a family to put down roots in a community, can have an impact that lasts generations. 

Today, we're collaborating with caring people like you to move in new and exciting directions for how we build. Building a sustainable home to Passive House standards means we're choosing to build in ways that better protect the surrounding soil, local waterways and provide energy efficiencies.  By making conscious choices at the local level, we can help improve the quality of health in our community, while addressing a housing crisis and tackling the clear and present danger of climate change.  We're committed to decarbonizing the construction process and to building safe, decent and affordable homes that are maximally efficient and sustainable for Habitat homeowners. Not just for today, but for a lifetime. 

Your gift will support a lifetime of stability and sustainability, by making this project a reality.  Thank you for your generous support!

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Habitat for Humanity Heartland Ontario Brant-Norfolk Chapter is a non-profit housing organization that welcomes partners without discrimination to help us build simple, decent and affordable homes with low or modest income families.  100% of our ReStore revenues help fund the administrative costs of Habitat Heartland Brant-Norfolk.  We believe every one deserves a decent and affordable place to live. Charity Registration Number: 875384125 RR0001

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